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A diverse group of stakeholders – including private landowners, lake associations, road commissions, state and federal agencies, and private conservation organizations – are leading Phragmites management and research efforts. Many have developed strategies that have proven successful (or unsuccessful) and could be used to help jumpstart new initiatives; however much of the focus to date has been on management – not communication.  This new webpage provides a forum to both share information and learn from others engaged in Phragmites management throughout the Great Lakes region. Use the map to find on-going Phragmites  programs and projects. Use the links below or contact us at to share information about your work.


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We have differentiated programs and projects to better highlight what is being done at multiple scales. Programs are Cooperative Weed Management Areas, regional initiatives, etc. Projects are on-the-ground examples of management, research, or outreach and education that are more discrete.

Please give detailed responses. It is so important to share not only what has worked and why, but also what has not worked. Sharing the lessons you have learned the hard way may save time and money for others down the line.


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